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Hello, Parents and Community! 

It is with great excitement I share the BIG NEWS!!! As you know we have held meetings and have sent notices regarding a BIG DECISION…3rd grade being housed at Lockard. The SCCSD Board of Education has made a final decision: Lockard will be a K-3 school beginning fall of 2018-2019. This means our 2nd grade students who are promoted to 3rd grade will continue to attend Lockard. Carver will become a 4th-6th grade school.  

Questions you may have: 

What do parents of 3rd grade students need to do in the face of the change? Register your child as usual and have your child at Lockard when school begins in August. We look forward to continuing to grow students academically and socially.  

Why is this change being made? Students’ social-emotional growth and academic growth are important to their educational success. After analysis of real-time observation data and academic assessment data, we have found that 3rd grade students struggle with the transition from a lower elementary setting to an upper elementary setting. We believe that by moving their transition period up by a year which allows for more maturity and the acquisition of more foundational skills, we will set students up for greater success.  

Who made this decision? The SCCSD Board of Education, the District Superintendent, Lockard and Carver Principals, Lockard and Carver Teachers and Parents/Community had voices, through various conversations and meetings, in the decision.  

Please let me know if you have any other questions, comments or concerns. I look forward to working with you all an additional year at Lockard.  

Kind regards,  

Daphne Heflin, Principal  



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