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Welcome to the 2018 2019 school year at Lockard Elementary School! What an exciting year this will be!!! We have transitioned from a K-2nd grade school to a K-3rd grade school; so, there are changes within our building and around campus. You are invited to visit campus and see the some of the changes including a fence that will be completed within the first weeks of school, a conflict resolution painting on the sidewalk, new gravel underneath the playground equipment, a music room and the reconfiguration of the classes and rooms housed on each hall. Our new theme for the school year is the jungle.

In this newsletter, please see our new vision statement and other information crucial to our successful family-school connections and student achievement.

I look forward to working with you and your child this year!



Aren’t you excited? We are!!!! It’s a new year, and we have new changes at Lockard Elementary School. We are now a K-3rd grade school with a larger number of students, staff and parents. Considering the changes, our reflections on safety, and parents’ concerns brought to my attention at last year’s Fireside Chats, we are implementing extra safety procedures this year. Part of our vision is to have the safest campus ever! Our new procedures will increase the safety of your child and others during arrival, dismissal and throughout each school day. The new procedures are below: 

Fence for Safety 

During the first week of school, a fence will be installed on the ends and across the front of our campus. The fence is being installed to decrease the chances of intruders on campus, to increase the chances of student protection from traffic in the streets, and to improve the safety and flow of on-campus traffic during the dismissal of children.  

Visitors must come by the office to gain access to campus. The gate nearest the office will be used for entering campus after a visitor’s pass has been issued from the office. 

All gates will be opened at 7:00 a.m. for arrival each morning and will be closed at 7:45 a.m. If a student arrives after 7:45 a.m., please sign-in the student at the front office. 

For dismissal, students will be walked by adults outside of the gates and to their cars or to their buses/daycares at the appropriate times. Individuals who are not staff members will not be able to enter the gates during dismissal. If you need assistance during dismissal time, please call or visit the office.  

Car Rider Tags for Safety 

Each child will receive 2 Car Rider Tags on the first day of school (today). Each tag will have the student’s name and lunch ID number and will hang from a rearview mirror. Vehicles being used to pick-up a child will need that child’s car rider tag in the window. Car riders will not be loaded into the car of anyone without a car rider tag. The child’s legal guardian/parent may request additional car rider tags if necessary. This procedure is being implemented to reduce the chances of children being picked-up by strangers or those who do not have permission to get the children. 

Like you, the staff and I care about your child and others. Together, we will reach the part of our vision which includes having the safest campus ever!  

Kind regards, 

Daphne Heflin, Principal


 3rd Grade Reading Assessment - 2018 → Click here for pdf.file 


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