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Lockard Elementary School’s vision is to be the best school ever by being a safe, inviting, positive place in which ALL are engaged and showing growth every day! Faculty, staff, students, parents and community have worked tirelessly toward our vision.   

Lockard’s is now the school’s best ever… Lockard is now a B rated school! 


Daphne Heflin, Principal

Librarian, Chalayne Burkett

Greetings from the library at Lockard. Another month has just flown by! We are reading up a storm in the library! 

  • Second and third graders just read Eerie Elementary The Locker Ate Lucy. I am so glad we don't have lockers at Lockard! 
  • Kindergarten and first graders just read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. What fun! 
  • Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving books were available to read in the library during the whole season. 
  • All students were able to choose a free RIF book and receive a new bookmark to help keep up with all of their reading. 

Happy Reading, Mrs. Burkett

Mason’s Memo

Our character trait for the month of November is problem solving. One way to be a problem solver is to help someone who is being mistreated or bullied by others. One lesson that I like to use is called, “Be an Upstander” and it gives four ways to help someone who is being mistreated.

  • Be a Buddy – just walk up and stand by the person being mistreated. This will show that he has someone on his side.
  • Interrupt – just walk up and ask the person being mistreated if he want to go shoot basketball or go to the other end of the lunch table.
  • Speak Out – Tell the person who is doing the mistreating that it is not right and to stop. Others will probably notice and come stand with you.
  • Tell Someone – tell an adult close by what is happening and let him/her handle the problem.

These are quick and easy steps to help solve a problem and to be an Upstander.

Mr. J. Wren

Summer Davis

Rev. T. Lunsford

School Events
•  Thanksgiving Break (No School)