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Lockard Elementary School’s vision is to be the best school ever by being a safe, inviting, positive place in which ALL are engaged and showing growth every day! Faculty, staff, students, parents and community have worked tirelessly toward our vision.   

Lockard’s is now the school’s best ever… Lockard is now a B rated school! 


Daphne Heflin, Principal

Librarian, Chalayne Burkett

Greetings from the library at Lockard as we are quickly approaching the Christmas season! As usual, we are very busy reading and learning in the library! 

Students studied the Thanksgiving story and read various related books throughout November. Lots of Christmas books as well as books featuring other winter holidays were also available to read in the library during the whole season. 

All students were able to choose a Christmas themed, free RIF book and receive a new Christmas bookmark to help keep up with all of their reading. Students learned about Christmas around the World and other winter holidays as they "visited" many countries.

Happy Reading, Mrs. Burkett 

Mason’s Memo

The Christmas season is a very special one to most of us. No matter your background or beliefs, most people enjoy the twinkling lights, special songs, great foods, time spent with family and of course, presents.  There are so many fun events, school activities and holiday parties to attend that it seem as though the month of December is over before we turn around.

As we enter this busy season let’s remember that our presence in the lives of our children is much more important than the presents that we buy them.  When your child is performing in the Christmas concert, opening gifts or enjoying hot chocolate and a movie at home, make sure to be mentally present and enjoying the moment. 

It’s tempting to let your mind wonder to your endless to-do-list but you will regret not giving each moment that you can to your child.  It’s also tempting to watch life through our phones as we video or take pictures. Let me encourage you to snap a few pics, then put your phone away and enjoy the moment. 

This holiday season give your child the best gift of all, your presence. 

Music Room

3rd grade Choir will be performing on the District Christmas Program on December 12, at 6 o’clock at Gentry High. They will also perform with second graders on Lockards Christmas Program on December 20. 2nd graders will present the play Elf Revolt.
Mrs. Crystal Ray

Mr. J. Wren

Summer Davis

Rev. T. Lunsford

School Events
•  Nine Weeks Assessments
•  Good Behavior Bash